How ‘Cliffhanger’ Paragraphs Capture Readers

About 50 years in the past, film serials saved theater crowds coming again week after week. Every episode ended with a “cliffhanger,” a suspenseful unresolved downside. Viewers members needed to return the following week to see what occurred.

Surprisingly, this narrative type is not new. Even within the Center Ages, storytellers journeyed from to fort spinning suspenseful yarns with out finish. (What a solution to assure return appearances!)

How are you going to create a cliffhanger on your readers? (1) Outline an issue; (2) inform easy methods to remedy it; (3) state that the answer may hyperlink to a different downside, (4) remedy that one, however level to a different problem, and so forth.

Here is a means to make use of this in enterprise writing. To illustrate you’d wish to ship potential prospects a sequence of three letters about your new cleansing service.

That first letter may current a short define telling how your agency gives three new cleansing improvements, together with (1) environmental-friendly detergents, (2) well-trained personnel, and (3) weekly, month-to-month, or quarterly cost plans.

Throughout that first letter, you may focus on methods your detergents result in a cleaner atmosphere. Close to the top of the letter, your “cliffhanger” paragraphs may say:

“We’re proud that our work may result in a cleaner planet. And the parents we ship to your workplace – who’ve been fastidiously skilled in cleansing strategies – also can present you 5 different methods to enhance your office.

“We’ll share these 5 methods with you in subsequent week’s letter.”

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